Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today could be the day!

that I get my Ravelry invite!

This is what I get when I do the "invite checker"

You signed up on August 17, 2007
You are #26518 on the list.
512 people are ahead of you in line.
15155 people are behind you in line.
61% of the list has been invited so far


LeslieJ said...

ohboy ohboy ohboy!! it is SO much fun! a lot of work to get it set up, but after that, fun in the sun :)

Kristyn said...

You will be in soon. My name is bluedolphin so add me as a friend when you get there.

Michelle said...

I bet you'll love Ravelry almost as much as I love my bag!!! :-) I'll blog about it much later tonight, but I wanted to let you know it arrived today and it's gorgeous! I LOVE it (and everything else you sent with it!)! :-) Thank you thank you thank you!