Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bye Bye R & R

R & R is over dear friends. It was lovely but it was too short. I shouldn't complain as it is now 3 days longer than it was the last time he was gone but in all fairness, this deployment is 3 months longer (15 instead of 12). *sigh* But it was wonderful to be a family again.
We dropped Hunter off at the airport yesterday & after he got his boarding pass, made us leave. He's not one for long goodbyes & honestly it's a blessing. I had a hard time saying goodbye & while I would have liked to have stayed & had lunch together or just hung out with him it's for the best that we leave. The wee one declared that she was sad & already m issing Daddy which broke my heart. We had a chat that it's okay to be sad & to miss him but he'll be home soon enough (9 more months) & we'll have to send him packages & watch him on web cam.
Some retail therapy made Mommy happy & then we were home for what I consider the real start to any deployment. Once you're home w/out them, surrounded by their stuff, is when the real time apart begins.
So today we will run a few errands in the am & spend some time together in the afternoon. I have a play doh set that the wee one hasn't spotted in my closet so we may play with that.
I tried to CO a scarf with koigu last night but couldn't. I want either a feather & fan pattern or something lacy but not too mentally taxing. Anyone have a free pattern to share? Or insight to patterns in a book? I was looking thru my One Skein Wonder book & found a few pretty ones but the CO ability just wasn't there.
Off to start breakfast for myself & the wee one. An omelette sounds yummy to me right now!


Becca said...

For me, the real start to any deployment is that first load of laundry. When you're folding and hanging up his things and you know he won't be wearing them again for a long time. That's the worst for me.

I'm so glad you had a good R&R! I'm sure it was hard to send him off again. I hope the next 9 months go peacefully and quickly!

lauriec said...

Thanks Becca! The first laundry after they leave is bittersweet too!

Ursula said...

Good to hear you all had a nice time together!

jopal said...

Sorry your R&R is over. So glad you were able to enjoy your time together.
Hope the rest of the deployment goes safely and quickly!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for sharing your husband with our country. I know it's such a huge sacrifice.

Knitpicks has an easy feather/fan scarf pattern for free. I think it calls for size 3 needles. I reduced the number of repeats and used a size 7.

Good luck!