Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Red Sox prayer

From a Red Sox forum I'm on:

Our Father, who art at Fenway...

Baseball be thy game.

Thy Nation come,

Playoffs need to be won,

On Earth, then on to the Cask 'n' Flagon.

Give us this day, a perfect Papi,

And forgive us our losses,

As we forgive those,

Like Bill Buckner.

And lead us not, into desperation

But deliver us from any losses.

For thine is the Power,

And the Glory,

To beat the Indians,

Forever and ever....the Yankees suck



babette said...

Okay!! So that was my laugh of the week!! Thanks for cheering me up.

lauriec said...

Hee! Wasn't that a hoot?!

amy said...

Oh, that's funny. I was up until midnight again last night. They better win this @#! series so all this lost sleep won't be in vain.