Sunday, September 30, 2007

FO & the obligatory cute pic of the week!

The Yoda Sweater for BIL & SIL's baby boy due in January '08 is finished! I finished the right front panel & got everything seamed up this am.

I need to get some ribbon for the ties or do an I-cord tie. I was too far into the left panel when I remembered I wanted to do buttonholes & didn't feel like going to the frog pond. Oh well. The cuffs are my own doing btw!

I still need to do a hat, socks & pants as it will be cold in VA wen he arrives. MIL is doing a blanket so I'm off the hook there!

And here I am with the Wee One at the Children's Museum in Atlanta yesterday. She LOVES Alice in Wonderland & they are doing an Alice exhibition. We played with moon sand, "watered" flowers & played in the "dirt" in the garden, went "fishing", & played on the bus. The highlight for me was putting on tap shoes & dancing w/ the Wee One! A simple little "heel step, heel step" but still. I managed to get some shuffles, riffles & yes, I can still do a pick up!!!

The Wee One's highlight was seeing Alice in Wonderland & getting a hug from her! Of course no photo exists, but the look on her face was priceless!

We went by the Perimeter Mall for lunch & a little shopping & then to Hunter's aunt's house to say hello & see her beautiful new kitchen. We got home later than we expected & were in bed by 1030 last night!

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Dorothy said...

What a beautiful little girl! The Alice in Wonderland exhibit sounds like a TON of fun!