Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend Update. . .

Oh that sneaky LeslieJ! About a week ago the package on the left arrives---notice what it says. DO NOT OPEN UNTIL Sept. 4th. Like she's Santa or something.

But I was good. I waited. After all, I'm the F word now. Patience being a virtue yada yada yada.

And look at the goodies she sent me! Some Burt's Bees yumminess, Sockina cotton yarn (I miss making socks & will keep this yarn for myself. ) I noticed it's not MSU colors LOL. And a sweatshirt from the Ellen Degeneres show from her visit in thee spring. How cool! Thank you so much Leslie---you are too sweet!!!

The house has been scrubbed down & R & R starts sometime next week! As it would turn out my ILS are in ATl visiting MIL's sister so we will go to her house from the airport for lunch. My outfit is ready to go as is the wee one's. I've got some cookies (snickerdoodles) ready for Hunter too. All that's left is to clean up the wee one's toys from the living room floor, put clean sheets on the bed & vacuum.

I've been good about going to the gym while the wee one's in school. Ive been taking advantage of the nice weather & walking outdoors as my cardio & have been doing weights in the gym.

If you have any spare prayers/vibes please send them up for 3 of our friends. There are 2 girls in my FRG whose husbands have come home from Iraq. They were wounded last month & are back here recovering. I'm the Helping Hands coordinator for our FRG & scheduled meals for them. On Weds I brought dinner to Hunter's friend Tim. I cried after leaving their house. Next Weds it's for another guy & his wife. They're lucky to be alive & are true heroes. The 3rd was a soldier of Hunter's who didn't make it. We had him here for Thanksgiving dinner last year. He was everyone's (the guys) favorite victim to pick on---sort of a younger brother type. I can still see him sitting in my living room. Remember him (as well as T & N) in your prayers if you can!


jopal said...

Will keep all of them amd all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
Did Hunter get many cards for his birthday? We were thinking of him!

lauriec said...

I dont have a final count but he said he got a ton!! TY for helping me!

LeslieJ said...

you (and your loved ones) are always in my thoughts and prayers. have a GREAT R&R.