Sunday, September 02, 2007

The one where I get all introspective about the F word

Roll your eyes & skip this if you want. Really, I wont be offended!

So I have a big birthday. The F word. People ask me how I feel about it almost daily! I loved my 30's & am really sad to see them end. F word seems old, maybe because when my parents were in their 40's I saw them as old. Most of the time turning F-word doesn't bother me as I really feel that age is just a number. But let's be real, the F word is a lot older than 25. Not that 25 was all that spectacular but the world is still your oyster at 25. By the time the F word rolls around it's expected that you have harvested that oyster already & either have a pearl or have enjoyed the oyster on the half shell. Yum. Oysters on the 1/2 shell. Oysters Rockefeller. Great, now I'm craving oysters. Or mussels at the very least.

*note to self----order mussels next time you see them on the menu. Or oysters.

So back to the F word. No one believes I'm there so why should I own up to it?? I could easily be 36 for the next couple yrs if I wanted to. 36 was nice. I was pregnant w/ the wee one & had her while still 36. It was a very good year.

Really tho, most of them have been good years! I'm very lucky.

So the other night I was putting the wee one to bed & we were having some snuggles after reading our bedtime stories (Meet the Dinosaurs, Snuggle Puppy, The Belly Button Book, Polar Bear, Polar Bear what doyou hear & Goodnight Moon in case you were wondering) & it hit me. What does my age matter if I'm THIS happy?

I have a lot to be happy about. I have a husband who loves me & who is healthy & alive & whole. Recent events here hit too close to home & I am counting my blessings that he's not injured. I have a wonderful little girl who is healthy & sweet & so smart & beautiful. I have a dog who loves me no matter what my breath smells like in the morning! I have a family (parents, brothers, ILS etc) & friends who love me & support me. I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, a soft place to lay my head at night & creature comforts. My health isn't perfect but I have legs to carry me, eyes & ears that see & hear, a mouth that can get me into trouble & hands that can knit, throw a ball for my dog or stroke my daughter's cheek. We're not in the same league as Donald Trump but we have enough $$ to live on & some to save.

I know I'm getting all Jimmy Stewart/It's a Wonderful Life here but it's true.

I haven't written the great American novel & I'm not a celebrity w/ a TV show (although I admit, I'd love to have my own talk show!) but I have a great life! I'm not at the place I thought I'd be at when I was 22 & starting out in life but man, getting here's been fun (again, for the most part) & this place is pretty damn good!

So, F-word birthday----bring it on!!


Ursula said...

Rock on Laurie! Age really is just a number. I ever so briefly pondered on my next one just this morning. Who cares? Feel good, look good, happy - sounds good to me!

Shawnee said...

I'm pleased to say that I'm your BABE swap partner, and you sound like a great gal!!! I'm the F-word plus 2 and cannot believe it! Blessings to you and your family--

Shawnee said...

ooops, not BABE swap but Crochetoholic swap!