Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Felted Bag Exchange Contest

As of this weekend, the season has officially changed on the calendar - but what makes Autumn feel like Autumn to you, and why?

For me it's fall when the weather changes & the leaves turn red, orange, yellow & hit the ground!

Growing up in VT, fall started in Sept----the weather turned cooler after Labor Day, the leaves started to change & fall & it was "sweater weather". I have so many wonderful memories of raking leaves into piles only to send them flying when we'd jump into them. To this day one of my favorite simple pleasures is to "scuffle" through the leaves on the sidewalk. There is something magical about the sound they make & the colors never fail to dazzle me.

One of my favorite things about driving in New England in the fall is seeing the myriad of colors along the highway or along the roads.

It's actually one of the things I dislike the most about the South---fall doesn't arrive until Nov (leaves). It's not uncommon for us to still wear shorts in Nov which I seriously dislike!

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