Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sweetie

Let's just hope he doesn't read this particular entry & see this pic, shall we?!

(this was taken after our community's Halloween party last yr. Obviously the wee one put her tiara on him!)
Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you, am so incredibly proud of you & promise next year we will do something wonderful for your special day!!
I'm working on a dishcloth for my Yahoo group's (Monthly Dishcloths) 3rd quarter swap. The pattern is from Creative Knitting's July 07 issue & is the "Fun to Stitch" cloth. It is fun to stitch too! I have to go through my stash o'goodies & find some goodies for my partner.
Our FRG had a picnic today----it was BRUTALLY hot out. The kids were pouring bottles of water on their heads to cool down. The wee one loved it & had fun playing w/ her buddy J. & his big sister, K. K is very sweet to the wee one & had fun dousing her w/ water! LOL
We were off to Target (on tax free weekend----am I nuts?!) & then home again home again jiggity jig. Tonight's plan is to knit a bit & actually get to bed early. Shush---Ive been doing better about that lately!


Lady Wyvern said...

Happy Birthday Hunter...

That is truly a picture worth blackmail!!!

LeslieJ said...

Did he like all the cards he received??
I'm back :)