Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1st Day of school

Here's the wee one in her outfit that my girlfriend made for her rocking her Dora backpack with her bff Jake the dog.

We didn't do carline today (starts tomorrow) so I went into her classroom with her---she was happy to see one of the little boys from last year's class will be with her again this year. Big hug & a "hiiiiiiiiii *insertnamehere*" followed & I dont think she looked at me again! I told her goodbye & that I loved her & she didn't even look up! I got a "byeeeeeee" which translates to "ENOUGH! You're embarassing me Mom!!!" in kidspeak.

Went to the orientation then off to Walmart for some school supplies for the drive the school is doing for the kids at Our House (the Methodist home for at risk kids in our area), came home, changed & took Libby for our morning mile (we used to do this until the wee one & I got involved in MOMS & started galavanting everyday!) & then it was home again to get cleaned up in time to go pick up the Wee One.

We went to lunch at Atlanta Bread Co. (yum) & then home for the afternoon. I got the lowdown on who she played with on the playground & she gave me the paper apple they decorated today. "For YOUUUUU Mommy!" She is so sweet!

Tonight I'm watching You've Got Mail for the 1, 394,333th time & finishing the 3rd capelet! Tomorrow the wee one goes back to school & Libby goes to the vet! Non-stop action here, I swear!

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Cathy said...

DUDETTE! I loveeeeeeeeeee that movie! Bring the knitting...come on over..we'll watch it together...I'll supply the kleenex!
And you can keep poking me awake while I attempt to finish this blanket that's got sleeping dust connected to the yarn!

hey..where's the vacation going to? I'm heading southeast this next weekish...