Thursday, February 22, 2007

FO & ITE III Update

This is the lacy diamonds dishcloth that was our February Mid-Month cloth for the Yahoo Monthly Dishcloth KAL. It was a blast to make! I had so much fun with the YO's & K2Tog's. I think I'll be making more of this cloth for gifts.
My bag for ITE III is done, felted & all that's left is to shave it & put the straps on. I think I do need to felt one more strap as my partner (Joann) likes long straps. The bag is Knitty's Little Slip of A Thing & is done in blue & green. I got all crazy artsy fartsy & went with a "beach" theme ----the blue symbolizing the ocean & the green, land. She's a beach fan (even in winter) like me, a New Englander & a Red Sox fan! If she were from VT she would be completely perfect! LOL
I received my Yahoo Dishcloth KAL swap cloth puffy the other day! Lori made me a beautiful blue & yellow cloth (my kitchen colors) from a sock pattern! It's a mock cable cloth & is just gorgeous with the yarn. She also sent me some yummy teas & chocolates! I felt very spoiled!
AND LeslieJ sent me a goody package! She sent me a bag of caramel kisses (aka: CRACK in a wrapper!), a beautiful pin w/ an angel & an American flag on it (a support the troops themed pin), a little goody bag for the wee one (complete w/ play doh---the toddler's version of crack). Again----very spoiled!
Tonight we had an FRG meeting & got some info on when they're leaving & where they'll be. I was amazed to see the number of VERY pregnant wives & it made me sad to think that their hubbies may not be home for the births. There were 2 couples I talked to who got married within the last week (maybe more but I only talked to 2!). Hunter & I were one of those couples 4+ yrs ago----we got married inbetween his homecoming from Kuwait (may-nov 02) & leaving for Kuwait/Iraq in Jan. '03.
Then it was home to get the wee one in bed & Survivor & Grey's Anatomy for me & CSI for Hunter. Tomorrow they have a 1/2 day so that's good news. The wee one's birthday party is Monday (Hunter is off!) so I need to get the goody bags together this weekend.


LeslieJ said...

Hey. Does your partner know who you are? What if she reads this?? :) My partner got hers yesterday, but I've no indication from her that she received. Have a great party.

lauriec said...

I have a smart partner (like my Winter wonderland swap partner) who guessed it was me by reading my blog!

I really need to develop another "voice" when emailing my partners! You guys are too smart!

The goody bags are all assembled but I have to get more sidewalk chalk as one piece was broken! Grrrrrr.

LeslieJ said...

wonder who that was?? :) teehee

Jane said...

So Laurie - are you a Red Sox Fan and a Survivor Fan? I knew that I liked you! (Even before I received my great prize package LOL).

lauriec said...

LOL Jane! Yes to both!! Johnny Damon broke my heart when he went to the Damned Yankees!

I have a pic of me at 4 yrs old in a Red Sox uniform & a pic of my daughter at 6 1/2 mos in a Red Sox onesie! I'll have to email them to you!