Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend Update

So the wee one & I are just about 100% better. She goes to the dr. next week for a follow up on her ear infection. We're seeing the ped who was in Baqubah w/ Hunter 2 yrs ago-----I'm bummed that he's getting out of the Army in a few months.

Today we dropped Libby off at the groomers, went scouting for a sewing machine & then home for lunch. Hunter had to work today (so much for time with families prior to deployment!) so by the time he got home the wee one wasn't wanting to nap. We got Libby from the groomers, & played w her for a bit before getting ready to go out to dinner.

We had a nice dinner @ Carrabba's & then went to Barnes & Noble where the wee one played with the train table. They STILL do not have the Nicky Epstein felted bag book so off to Amazon I go! A quick breeze thru Marshall's (found the Laura Ashley comforter I want for her new bed on sale----must go tomorrow!!) & we were on our way home. Of course she conked out on the way home since she didn't nap today.

Tonight I worked on my Yahoo Dishcloth mid-month KAL. It's a lacy pattern which is very fun for me. I like the themed cloths but especially like the mid month's as they usually focus on a technique.

My bag for the ITE III is felted & dry. I like how it came out but the pattern looks slightly crooked so I think I'm going to rewet it & redry it tomorrow. If I do say so myself it came out great. The colors are pretty together & I like the pattern on the bag.

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