Wednesday, February 07, 2007

RIP Berylie

Hunter's grandmother died tonight @ 715 pm.

This picture is of her, my MIL, Hunter & the wee one at 1 week old.

Berylie was a beautiful woman---inside & out. I will never forget her telling a family friend that she always wanted to be a role model to her girls (she had 3 from her first marriage & a step daughter & step son from her 2nd). Her children sought her opinion & advice even they they were grandparents themselves (well my MIL anyway!).

My engagement ring is hers from her first marriage (she married her high school sweetheart & was widowed at a very young age). I've always felt honored to wear it---and today even more so. I remember when we saw her & GlennDaddy on Thanksgiving 2002. Hunter had just returned home from Kuwait & we were going to get married a week later. Berylie held my hand, looked at the ring & said "I am so happy you're wearing it" It felt like a blessing.


Kristyn said...

My sypmathies to you, Hunter and the wee one. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

LeslieJ said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.