Sunday, February 04, 2007


Have you seen this monkey? Do you know who he is? For those of you who don't, his name is Boots & he is Dora the Explorer's right hand man, I mean monkey.
And he rules my house. Tonight the wee one was ready to go to bed & ran down the hall shouting "dooooooots! dooooooooots" We spent 10 minutes looking for Doots, er Boots.
I finally remembered he was in my purse (carried in the house that way after we went on an emergency play-doh mission. Yes, they exist!). Mommy is the hero & the wee one's now in bed.
I started my ITE III partner's bag on Friday. I'm using this pattern ( The green part is being done in a beautiful sapphire blue & the purple in a green. I don't want to give away too much about her but she's a neat lady! Suffice to say she's a Northerner & we have similar interests!
I have heard from my partner but I think she's having trouble receiving my replies. Hmmmmm, not good!
I'm not much into the Super Bowl this year since my beloved Pats lost to those evil left-baltimore-under-cover-of-night Colts. I am, however, LOVING the fact that Prince is the 1/2time show!!! I've been a fan of his for gosh, 25 yrs? Am I that old? LOL I remember when he came out w/ Little Red Corvette & my older brother Michael criticizing him & his dance style saying that he was a Michael Jackson rip off. Funny thing that---Michael Jackson's done the same dance moves for over 20 yrs. Prince is constantly reinventing himself & his music. Michael Jackson---only his face!
Hunter is due home this week---YAY! The new word is they WILL be here for a month prior to leaving & they might have a week's leave at some point prior to deploying. Even better! His grandmother's health is not good at.all so we will be heading to VA for a few days if we do get the leave. She is his only living grandparent & the wee one's only living great grandparent. My grandparents on both sides were gone by the time I turned 25. In all fairness I don't remember much about my paternal grandparents. My paternal grandfather died when my father was 19 so none of us kids knew him. My paternal grandmother (Grammy) died a few months after my sister in 1970. I have very very few memories of her. My maternal grandparents (Memere & Pepere) died when I was 25 & 15 respectively. We used to go visit them every Sunday night. When I was really little we would go there for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner. There would be 19 (out of 22) grandchildren, 5 out of 6 kids & their spouses & Memere & Pepere in one house. The kids would eat first & then the adults. There was plenty of French being spoken, the volume level akin to a rock concert & lots of laughter. As a little girl I thought all families were like that. It wasn't until I dated guys whose families weren't French Canadian that I realized that my family was a little odd. If you've seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding you'll have an idea of what my Mom's family is like! Substitute French for the Greek language in the movie & you'll have it.
No, I didn't have a maple leaf on my wedding invitations!
Wow, such a ramble! I think part of what I love about Hunter is the fact that he is very family oriented. He has always spoken about his grandparents with such affection. Few people do that & it's something I think is sad. I think the only thing I would change about him & our situation is that our parents lived closer to one another & to us. I hate that the wee one only sees our parents so rarely.
Time to watch Rome & work on my bag!

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vegasangelbrat said...

That turned out to be a gorgeous bag too :) Love it, wish it was in I know I could make it in crochet if I put my mind to. The colors were beautiful too. Great job Laurie.
Mary B