Saturday, March 03, 2007

silky straight!

My hair before ----naturally curly, which I always wear straight.

I straighten it almost daily with a straightening serum, heat serum, big round brush & a flat brush. I use a flat iron on occasion.

My hair after 3 hrs & a CHI thermal straightening. She also took off almost an inch after straightening!! The color variation is caused by the solution that is applied to the hair prior to straightening. It looks like a fresh color job!
It is so soft & shiny & best of all no more flat irons! My stylist says that with my hair's growth pattern it should last me almost a year! So bring on the humidity you hot GA summers----my hair will stay straight & smooth this summer! YAY!!!


Leslie said...

Your hair looks beautiful and you know those hot humid summer southern days will be here before you know it.

lauriec said...

thank you!!

Last yr we were swimming in mid-april b/c it was so hot! I figure this yr it'll be at least that if not early May.