Thursday, March 15, 2007

Has it really been 2 weeks???

Since my last blog?? Time flies.

Since then we've had our new bedroom suite delivered (LOVE it!), spent as much time together as possible & as you can see, said good bye to our hero. (be kind---we'd had a rough day & both look awful).
I'm back to knitting with a vengence & am working on a mini layette for a girlfriend who is due in early April. Her shower is on Weds & I only have a MDK bib done! GAH! I'm going to CO for the baby kimono tonight while watching Flags of Our Fathers tonight. Probably not my wisest choice of movies considering but Survivor's not on due to March Madness & our other Netflix movies have been sent back. My plan is to do the kimono, 2 bibs & 2 washcloths. I have a pack of onesies & a baby wash & lotion to add to the present.
Then I need to start 4 more bibs & 4 more washcloths for 2 more friends who are due in May. We have quite the baby boom going on here.
After the baby gifts are done I'm going to start 2 shawls for a friend in CA. She sent me the yarn earlier this week & thankfully isn't in a rush. I also have 2 MDK cloths (the slip stitch & circular) to make for another friend for a housewarming gift for her friend. Phew. Eventually I'll get to my clapotis!!


Lacey said...

Hi Laurie! Long time no blog. Yeah, that sound terrible. :P Sounds like you have a million miles of cotton to knit up with all of these babies about to be.

I am going to be in your neck of the woods on St. Pat's day and was wondering if you'd like to meet up for a late lunch or a lupper. (lunch and supper) I'm going to be in Harris Co. at the high school gym at 11am for a teaching fair interview thing. I'm not sure how long it will take, but we could meet up about 1 or so. :D I'll bring socks and you can bring the wee one too if you want. Let me know, you can email me at _Lpitts at excite doht com. You know the drill on how to send it, replacing the words with symbols. :D

Tina said...

my prayers are with your hubby has been gone for 2 months now. It's hard with a toddler but I get by with my sticks and a laptop..hehe! (((hugs))))

Susan said...

thank your hubby for serving for all of us! the faster you knit,
the sooner he will be home!

Cathy said...

hugs to you my friend...lot of hugs...