Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tornado damage

just a couple pics from the neighborhood my friend lives in. She was lucky---the tornado passed over their house & only sent a patio table & some of her son's toys flying.

We have a hotel missing most of it's roof, an Eckerd's with a huge hole in the side of the building & many many other businesses & homes that are damaged. There's about a mile of Veteran's Pkwy that is closed b/c of the damage & destruction.
I've never been thru a tornado & this was too close for comfort. Give me a Nor'Easter anyday.

I'm hoping to see blog posts from Laura (doogleknits) & Lacey. Laura's in AL & Lacey in Americus, GA which was very badly hit. Keeping you guys in my prayers. I hope you are safe!


Cathy said...

How close to you guys were the storms? I'm guessing you're all ok? btw..cute hair..i'm here with hair color every 3 weeks..and a flat grows really fast!

lauriec said...

The tornado hit about 5 miles from our house.

The road the wee one's school is on has lots of debris & trees down.

Lacey said...

We're good here, or at least some of us are. It hit two blocks from us, one street away behind us. I've been through them before, in Columbus actuall, when I was growing up, and I still hate them. They are just so unpredictable. I'm glad that you and yours are ok. My mom sent me some pics that her friend Carol sent her of the Brookstone area, some houses are totally devastated. I didn't even think to check on you, we've been so busy cutting trees out of neighbors houses and picking up roofs.

Also, we may be moving to your neck of the woods soon. We were going to Savannah, but it looks like that isn't going to happen for us, so Columbus is closer and we know the city. We could be city friends soon. :D If you hear of teaching jobs give me a holelr, yuo know I need all the help I can get. :P