Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paris Days 3

Day 3--Friday the 6th. We wander down to the Opera area for breakfast & to go to the Galleries Lafayette (think saks, neimans, nordstom & bloomies all rolled into one). I lust over purses & perfume. Finally purchase some Annick Goutal Grand Amour & hop on the metro for Pere Lachaise. We find Jim Morrison's grave & once the crowd thins (seriously) we snap a pic of me. I loved the Doors in high school & college & wandered around PL listening to their music. Finally Peace Frog came on & there we were. I was going to jump the fence but Hunter said no.

Then it was off to the Eiffel Tower & some lunch. The French do the nicest things to a simple ham sandwich. Throw it on a baguette & BAM, instant coolness! A ham & cheese baguette & a diet coke later & I was a happy woman.

As we're waiting in line to purchase our tickets to ride to the top I realize that there should be 2 lines. 1 for impatient Americans & the other for everyone else. Yes, I belonged in the 1st line. There was a group of Italian tourists in front of us who are lucky that their boy Nico didn't get hit in the head by my bag!
So anyway, it was up to the top & more breathtaking views. Did I mention that it was cold in Paris. Did I mention that we packed mostly summer clothes? Did you know it was REALLY windy on top of the Tower? I think you probably have guessed by now.

I love this picture!

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vegasangelbrat said...

Sorry I'm behind, but WOW, sure looked like a fun vacation!! Beautiful and I love the wee one with the princessess!! She's just getting so big and I bet she's so glad to have daddy home!!
Thanks for sharing and I'llt ry to stay better connected :)