Saturday, June 14, 2008

one more pic

My handsome hubby & I at the top of the Arch de Triumphe.
We got home today & are exhausted. What is it about a Georgia rainstorm that comes out of nowhere, is blinding & then is gone?


Cathy said...

OH Lucky you two! Sounds like you had a very good trip! I'm really happy for the both of you..and the wee one with her Grandparents..luck them, too!

Welcome back!

PhDCow said...

The two of you are glowing with love!

Holly S. said...

Welcome home! How about this Sunday afternoon storm!?! I haven't heard thunder like this in ages.

jopal said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

jlarkin.hcgo said...

You have to love that Georgia weather!! I love the pic--you both look great :)