Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 5

Sunday 8 June

Let me start off by saying, I prefer Sacre Coeur to Notre Dame. Judge all you want. Sunday morning my wonderful husband (who has been waking up at 6am our entire vacation) brought me breakfast in bed from the hotel's buffet. Yum!

We went to Notre Dame which is beautiful. I was mistaken for a local! Me! Oui, mes amies! How funny is that?! Once I told the woman I was a tourist she shot me a look & turned away. Fine!

So we go inside ND & there is a mass going on. But you can STILL take pictures & mill about. What the??? And THAT is why I prefer Sacre Coeur over ND.

The treasures of ND are beautiful--chalices, relics etc. And the interior is so beautiful. Stained glass, paintings etc.
Again, more of Hunter's handiwork.

We're wandering around (during mass!) & Hunter tells me that the camera's acting weird & we have to go back to the room to charge the battery. I may or may not have thought naughty words & immediately apologized to God. But come on! Charge the battery overnight! Sheesh!

We go back to the room & grab lunch at the hotel. Back to ND, more pics & we decide to not climb the 300 something stairs to the top. Fine. my thighs & calves declare a truce.

My wonderful hubby. 7 years ago when we were dating he told me he'd take me to Paris one day.

We walk around some more & go back to Monmartre for dinner. I have to say, it's my favorite part of Paris.

And more perfume from Annick Goutal (Mandragore this time). I have a new best friend--she works for AG at the GL & we carried on a conversation in French! Yay Me!!!

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