Monday, June 23, 2008

The happiest place on earth

Greetings from Disney World!! Not only are we having a wonderful family vacation but my knitting mojo is back! Back, baby!! On the way here I got another baby bib o'love done & CO another feather & fan scarf. Before we left I worked on a couple 4 hr bias baby afghan. One is completed (boy colors) & the girl one was 90% finished only to discover one of my colors was running out. Yeah, so much for yardage being accurate on the label. Grrrr.
Today we went to Disney Hollywood Studios & saw JoJo & Goliath (here's the Wee One w/ them) & Leo & June from the Little Einsteins. We had lunch w/ them at Hollywood & Vine. I've got a great pic of her leading the dance w/ June!
Around 3 we came back to the house, swam & recollected ourselves & then went to Epcot. MIL/FIL took the Wee One on Nemo's ride while Hunter & I went the Magic Kingdom to have dinner & then go on the Haunted Mansion ride as well as Thunder Mountain Railroad. We got to Epcot justas the Illuminations show was starting.
Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom all day. I will take one for the parental team as I ride on the Teacup ride & It's a Small World.
And hopefully get a few rows done on my scarf!


PhDCow said...

Dood, It's A Small World is required! Enjoy!

jopal said...

I LOVE it's a Small World! I could ride that ride all day!
I remember Walt Disney showing off the rides at Disneyland on his tv show as a kid and was always fascinated with that ride. When I finally got to Disneyland - I rode that ride as often as my family would tolerate it!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Lucky you at Disney!

Glad to hear your knitting Mojo is back. I kinda lost mine a bit after delivering Mack last week (though, I did knit in labor! LOL)