Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blankets & a tote!

It seems that EVERYONE I know is pregnant right now so I'm being forced to replenish my stash of baby blankets. I made 2 of the LB 4 hr bias baby blanket since I had some homespun to use up. I didn't attach tassles since I really dont think that 1) they're entirely practical for babies & 2) homespun splits SO much that unless they were tied at the bottoms it just wasn't worth the effort. This blanket was done on size 50 needles (like knitting w/ redwoods!) & used 4 skeins of yarn (tudor, delft, spring green & sunshine state).

This was the first blanket I made using the 4 skeins only I used gazebo instead of sunshine state. I was really mad because I started it in the car on the way to VA only to discover that my skeins were NOT the same yardage. My delft ran out about 10 rows before the end. So while we were in Lynchburg I picked up another skein of delft. Should have been fine right? NOoooooooooooooooooo! I ran out of spring green & tudor about 5 rows until the end. The kicker? I didn't start my decreases at 43 stitches like the pattern suggests---I started at 41. I had enough yarn to make the yellow/green/blue/multi blanket but it's a little smaller. Still good for bebe's tho!

I also finished my International Tote Exchange II tote & this week got the straps sewed on. I've been wanting to try this pattern ever since I started felting bags a year ago. The pattern is easy & super fun. I also loved working w/ the colors my partner is into (browns, greens, golds) as they're such a departure from my normal jewel tones! I made some stitch markers for her in green & gold & found some other goodies to put in her bag---I hope she likes everything. I'm shipping it out tomorrow & since she lives 1 state away it shouldn't take too long to get to her.

And of course, what would a post be without a dishcloth? This is the Sept. Mid-Month KAL for my yahoo dishcloth group. I am on such a denim ombre kick right now, it's scary!

The wee one refused to nap today so she's watching Snow White & enjoying some "scooby berry" go gurt smoothie. I need to get started on my jambalaya for dinner. And I also need to commit to getting to bed at a decent hour tonight. I always sleep like crap when Hunter's gone. It's still beyond me how I survived a year without him. I guess I really was sleep deprived! LOL


Busymom51 said...

Gorgeous stuff... I really like the tote bag. Such beautiful fall colors. I bet you miss those Maine autumns!... but not those Maine winters!:-)

trek said...

Nothing at all wrong with denim ombre!

Leslie said...

I GOT IT!!!!!THANKS a bunch. I showned it to all my buddies at school today. They are envious. I will post the photo it took on the International Tote site this afternoon. The knitting markes are gorgeous. My husband even commented on both the bag and markers. He isn't one to say much about these girlie things. Grinning in SC -