Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some FO's

I FINALLY did "The" Mason-Dixon Warshcloth! 3 in fact! After 2 unsuccessful casts on I broke out stitch markers which made everything so much easier! I'm working on a red one tonight! I've also done 3 snowflake illusion cloths & will get pics of those up soon!

This is the shawl I made for one of the gals on a message board I frequent. She'd posted a pic of a shawl she wanted but was lamenting the fact that the ones she saw were all of a finer fabric---she wanted something more nubby. I posted a pic of this shawl (well the pic in the pattern) & viola! a deal was struck! So, a few trips around town looking for the color yarn she wanted, 2 skeins & a few hours later we had a shawl that is now en route to her home. I hope she likes it---it came out beautifully!

Last night we went to the Open House at the wiggly's school. It's impressive how much they've learned in a couple months! Several of the parents wanted to meet the wiggly one as their own wee ones talk about her a lot at home! She was excited to see her friends & for us to see her classroom & show off the things she's done. I am so proud of her---she's done so well with school!

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