Sunday, October 29, 2006

dishcloths, dishcloths, dishcloths!

It seems I don't knit anything other than dishcloths! Truth is, they're quick (a 2 hr project most of the time) & easy (mindless tv knitting!) & are always useful gifts!

My Christmas stash o'cloths is almost done & then I need to make up a few more scrubbies & I just might be done before Veteran's Day. Then I can focus on gifts for the MOMS exec board & Betsy's teachers (one of whom is on the board with me!). I'm thinking some pretty mohair scarves would be nice to add to their gift bags.

We found out this week that my friend Josie will be having a boy in April! I KNEW I'd get to use the Plymouth Naturale in blue/greens for her!! I need to find a good pattern for it & then get started on her layette (blanket, kimono, pants, hat, washcloths, bibs).

My socks are still on the needles. It alway seems that there's knitting for someone else to get done! I'm going to start Hunter's felted slippers the next time he goes to the field (in a week or so for Marne focus). They should knit up quickly & be felted & dry by the time he comes in.

We're getting over being sick in our house---Bets with a double ear infection as well as a mild reaction to her antibiotic (love going to the hospital 2x in one week!) & a bad cold for me. Friday night I went to bed at 930---you KNOW I'm sick if I'm asleep by 10!

We've had a nice weekend with Daddy home & a restful one to boot! He took Bets to the px & library yesterday so I could rest (thank you sweetie!) & today we went for a walk to see ducks & now the wee one's playing & Daddy's reading the paper.


Leslie said...

Love the snow flakes in the dishcloths. Where did you get the pattern?

Mary Heather said...

I love those cloths! I am thinking of making him as holiday gifts and I am so glad to see yours so that I will have an idea of what they will look like in different colors! Yours look great!