Friday, September 29, 2006


Am I glad last week's over!

We got word early Weds. am that Hunter's grandfather had died during the night. He was 94 & was a truly remarkable man. He was such a positive influence on Hunter after his father died & I'm glad that Hunter has those memories of doing special things w/ his grandfather & grandmother.

We drove up to VA on Thurs., Friday morning was spent picking up things we forgot to pack & Hunter going to his granfather's house to see his aunt & her family & get more info about the funeral & the will, lunch w/ Hunter's family & Friday night was the wake, Saturday the funeral, interment & luncheon. Saturday night MIL & FIL had their neighbors over for dinner & Sunday we had a family lunch with his grandmother (other side of the family). Sunday night his parents watched the wiggly one so we could go out to dinner---just the 2 of us. Monday I had a "ladies lunch" with MIL & her mother & a family dinner Monday night w/ MIL, FIL, grandmother & BIL. We left for GA on Tuesday.

We were making great time on the way home only to be caught up in a traffic jam that had 85S closed from exists 61-64. We were lucky that we weren't too far ahead of schedule otherwise we would have been right behind the accident & Hunter would have had to gotten out to help (He's a combat experienced medic as well as an EMT). It was bad enough that we took almost 2 hrs to go a mile & a half to be detoured off the highway. We should have been home at 630 but instead got in at 915. We were all beyond exhausted.

Weds we sent Bets to school & Hunter & I got his stuff together to go to the field. He's gone for about a week so we're having a girls weekend here.

Today we went to Monkey Joes w/ the MOMS club & had a blast! Bets loves going there & climbing up all the jumperoos!

Tomorrow we're going for coffee w/ friends & then some shopping. I have some laundry to get done this weekend too.

I did get 2 baby blankets done & 3 spa cloths this week. Tomorrow I'm going to start another sweater for Bets & hopefully get my socks done sometime!

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