Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Monday. . .

I finished the sweater I started last week for the wiggly one. It's a variation on the LB 7 Seas Baby set. I used the LB Microspun in lilac doublestranded but due to poor color selection at the stores here in town I decided to make it in a solid color. When I finished it on Saturday (sewed the buttons on & finished the left front, buttonholes etc) she giggled as I put it on her! It'll be perfect for the poor excuse of a winter we have down here. Watch---this will be the year we get snow! Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

I also have my International Tote Exchange II bag done. I just need to attach the strap & see about whether the bottom needs additonal support (plastic needlepoint canvas!). I have a few extra goodies for my partner & will get the bag ready to go out next week.

I'm also working on baby items for my friend Tara who is due in a couple months. Her hubby is due to be home on R & R from Afghanistan in a couple weeks---I'm so happy for them! I know how hard this deployment has been on them (it's their first) . So far I have a baby kimono, coordinating hat & a washcloth for her. I have 2 bibs but they're in pink & purple & the other items I've made are in pink, orange & yellow & it hit me how cute it would be if I made everything to coordinate (like w/ Shannon's from a couple posts ago) rather than just in traditional girly colors.

This week is going to be hectic (when do I have one that isn't?!)---today is mallwalk, tomorrow the wiggly one goes to school & in the evening I have the vendor sale for the Just4Kidz consignment sale. Weds is the MOMS Exec Bd Meeting, Friday we have a function to go to & get Hunter ready to go to the field for a week-10 days.

The funny thing about field time is that for me, a week is nothing. It's time to watch the girly movies that your husband wont watch, fix things for dinner that he won't eat (shrimp scampi!) & time to catch up w/ your girlfriends. I guess after a year apart & 2 back to back 6 month deployments a week really is nothing!

Off to fix breakfast for the wiggly one before we get ready for mallwalk!

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