Thursday, September 07, 2006

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How stinkin' cute is this set? It's for one of the girls in my MOMS group who is having a little boy next month. I'm still toying with the idea of making matching pants. *note to self---dig out pants from the wiggly one's 0-3 month clothes to use as prototype. I swear, I dont think I've used any of my knitting books the way I've used Mason Dixon Knitting!

I had a wonderful weekend & birthday thanks to my wonderful husband, friends & family. Friday we had a MOMS event (made Grandparent's Day posters for the residents of a local nursing home) & had lunch (and wonderful conversation) with 3 of my friends. It was so nice to just sit & visit!

Friday night Hunter, the wiggly one & I went out to dinner & ice cream. There is something yummy about med-rare Prime Rib. Tender, yummy bloody meeeeaaaat! LOL

Saturday & Sunday we spent the days shopping, playing w/ Libby & Bets, & just enjoying the fact that Hunter is home!

Monday the phone rang almost non-stop with people calling to wish me a happy birthday. It was already happier than last year since I wasn't bringing Hunter back to the airport b/c his R & R was over!

I scored big on the $$ front from Mom & Dad, MIL & FIL & Hunter's grandmother! Woo Hoo! I bought a new remote for my car & have appointments for a facial & haircut & will do the walk in thing for a pedicure. And yes, I DID buy yarn as well LOL!

The night before my birthday I was reminded of the eve of my 29th birthday. I was living on Beacon Hill in Boston, was getting married to my ex in less than a year & was a makeup artist at a great cosmetics counter in Cambridge. I had a great circle of friends & on the outside everything looked perfect.

Yet I spent that night in tears. I was evaluating where I was in my life & where I wanted to be & I felt like a failure. I couldn't figure out why but something wasn't right & my birthday was sad as a result. True I did do things with friends & everyone made me feel special on my day but something wasn't right.

Such a far cry from the eve of this last birthday. I realized how truly happy & blessed I am. I have a caring, loving, respectful (how many people can say THAT one?!) husband. We went through hell to be with one another & have been through a lot more than most couples & I can honestly say I still love (and respect!) him as much as the day I married him.

I have a beautiful, smart, sweet, fiesty & above all, healthy! little girl who is the light of my eye. She makes me want to be a better person & inspires me daily.

I have a dog who is the epitome of "man's best friend"---without her companionship OIF1 would have been even harder than it was.

I have a wonderful family that I will NEVER take for granted no matter how many miles are between us. My brothers are remarkable men & I am proud to be their little sister----just as I was when they were in high school & I was in awe of them. My parents? If I can be half as good as a mother to Betsy as my own mother was to me then I'll be batting 1000. My father & I butted heads on so many things when I was growing up & it's because we are so much alike. I respect & love him so much & am lucky he is my Daddy.

My friends have been a tremendous source of love & support---both old & new friends. I love how I can get together with my girlfriends back home & it seems as though we've never been apart. Being an Army wife has taught me to treasure your friends--both new & old as you never know when someone will PCS. The friends I've made since moving here are so dear to me. They've laughed with me, cried with me & held my hand when times were rough. They've been though the things I've been through & they understand.

When I worked for Lancome in Boston I had the pleasure of working with a woman named Mary. We joked she was my "Boston Mom" as I fell inbetween her 2 girls agewise & my own Mom was miles away. Mary was kind, funny & had her beliefs about how things should be. When I turned 29 & was bemoaning leaving my 20's & how 30 seemed soooooooooo old she told me that her 30's were truly the best time of her life. She knew who she was, she knew what she wanted & what she didn't & wasn't afraid to say so. I've taken those words with me for the last few plus years & it's been VERY true. I have loved my 30's. LOVED. THEM. Like Mary, I learned who I was, what I wanted & what I had to do to get it. I learned that not everyone is going to like me & that's okay. I learned that I'm not going to like everyone & that too, is okay.

Well, enough of the deep introspection! I'm off to get the wee one into the bathtub.

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