Saturday, October 11, 2008

DishRag Tag!

Here's the box from Sandra in VA---a pretty green cloth, pink varigated yarn, body spray & a cute little lamb PEZ dispenser as well as the super secret pattern for DishRag Tag. It arrived around 430 yesterday afternoon. I finished the first 9 rows (bottom border) before we went out to dinner.

And here it is shortly past 1015 last night. It's going out in the mail in a little while.

The Wee One's got a nice cough & is camped out on the couch watching the Little Einsteins. I think our plans to go to AutumnFest @ Callaway Gardens have been nixed.


Jane said...

I hope she feels better soon!

bookwyrm said...

I am really enjoying knitting dishcloths...they are fun, fast and functional. Sorry the little one is under the weather...I'm trying to make it to the autumn fest too...but no luck yet. Hope you both feel better soon (you said earlier you weren't doing too well either.)

vegasangelbrat said...

Sure hope the wee one feels better soon!
Love the cloths! Have a great week!!