Monday, March 03, 2008

I swear, I'm 5

Every evening I have a snack. Some nights it's cheese & crackers, sometimes I have fruit, some nights I splurge & have a "hoodsie" cup (it's a New England reference & you may not get it)---one of those individual serving cups of ice creams that are popular at kid's birthday parties.

I'm doing a 5 week challenge & this is week 2. The challenge is to eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables, exercise 30 min, drink 64oz of water & walk 10k steps every day. The water & 30 min. exercise are easy for me. I have a diet coke in the morning for my caffeine & then I drink water the rest of the day. Each day I walk w/ the Wee One & Libby. If it's a school day for the Wee One I try to get to the gym or walk Libby that morning as well. The 10k steps----my best yet is 9k!

The fruits & veggies---I'm good w/ 4 but am really pushing for the 5.

So the other night I decided "ants on a log" sounded really good for a snack. You do know what they are right? Celery w/ peanut butter & you place raisins on top of the PB. Hence, ants on a log! Crunchy, sweet & peanut buttery goodness all in one! Yes, I am 5!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Ants on a log sound like fun - I'll have to try that for Sean when he's allowed to have peanut butter. I am NOT a fan of peanut butter, ick!

Good luck with your challenge!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I must be 5, too! We always have Hoodsies in our freezer - being New England-ahs and all.

How have you been? I've missed chatting with you.

jopal said...

I don't know about the Hoodsie cups down south but here in CT they have Red Sox logos on them. Upsets my son in law who is Yankee fan because his girls love Hoodsie cups! I think they are a wonderful splurge!

Dorothy said...

I'm a big fan of the diet Coke in the a.m. I might take up that challenge - I'm trying to get a little healthier!

Em said...

Ohhh - one of my all time favorite snacks! Ants on a log - man... now I'm craving it and I have NO celery in the house... MAN - going to the store in the morning all because of you! Yum!