Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mommy Magic

Let's revisit my Where Do Lost Toys Go? entry from 1/23, shall we?

The Wee One lost her little Belle doll today while we were on our walk. She's somewhere in the pine straw near the duck pond but I'll be darned if I could find her. We scoured the area & came up empty-Belle-handed. So we retraced our steps to the ball court where Libby plays ball. Nope, no sign of Belle anywhere. The Wee One tells me that Cinderella & the Polly Pocket doll that came with us were crying b/c they missed her. Now, if that isn't cute, I dont know what is!

While we were walking the Wee One tripped on the sidewalk & got a little scrape on her hand. So I send her into the bathroom to wash her hands while I don my cape & turn into SUPER MOMMY (said with echo, drum roll & preferably a flash of light). Ducking into my closet (Superman had a phonebooth, I have my walk in!) I discover that the little 3 piece Easter set of the Disney Princess dolls I picked up has a Belle! I debate tearing into it but figure the Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella dolls will serve as extras in case of a future emergency. And, as luck would have it, Belle is wearing the exact same dress as ours! Does it get any better than that? I mean, really!

So I go into super stealth mode & put Belle on the floor in the hallway standing between Cinderella & Polly Pocket! GENIUS! I dont say anything & check in on the handwashing progress.

The Wee One comes out of the bathroom & sees her. The smile lit up her entire face! Belle had come home!!! Mommy Magic strikes again!

On the knitting front, I am having so much fun with my Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl. Thank you, Dorothy, for inviting me to join the KAL on Ravelry (aka "number 1 time suck!")----I'm on my 8th repeat & enjoying this pattern!!

I splurged & bought some Handmaiden Sea Silk to make the Strangling Vine Lace scarf. I've never used Sea Silk before but it feels so decadent!!

We're going to VA next month for the Wee One's spring break so I'm hoping to hit up a couple of the knit shops-- Yarn Theory & Backstitches especially!


Dorothy said...

Oh, it is such a time suck!

You're moving fast - I'll be tinking back forever (you can read more about it at the forum)


lauriec said...

I saw! I "talked" to row 29 for you & the other gals on the KAL who are having problems w/ that row. It shouldn't be a problem anymore!!