Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Loss of Innocence

My heart & prayers go out to the students, faculty/staff & families at Virginia Tech. Their lives will never be the same.

My husband's cousin is a student there & was one floor below the shootings at West Ambler-Johnson. We were lucky---Bobby is okay. Thankfully he had the forethought to call his Mom & Dad before they even had a chance to worry about him.

I can't help but think about those who weren't so lucky & cannot fathom the pain they are feeling. May God bless them.


Kristyn said...

I am glad that your hubby's cousin is ok. I just can not believe this happened - it is so scary. I cry at everything and was actually ok through this until yesterday when they released the victims names. Learning that one of the professors who was killed was a Holocaust survivor made me lose it. I can't imagine surviving that only to be gunned down by some psycho - it is unreal.

lauriec said...

I saw that! That poor man. I heard he was holding his classroom door shut so his students could get out thru the windows. What a hero!