Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peaceful moment

This morning the wee one & I went to AC Moore's knitting party w/ 2 of my girlfriends (Josie & Kelli). I was good & only picked up 3 skeins of Sugar & Cream. Josie found yarn for a pattern for a blanket for her daughter's bed & Kelli helped us LOL.

We went to Old Navy & then home. The wee one was fussy & barely ate lunch.

So around 2 she goes down for her nap & I'm bemoaning the fact that my netflix movies aren't here yet. I found What Not To Wear was on so I watched that while knitting the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from M-D Knitting. About an hour into it hit me that I felt so good. Wee one was napping & holding her stuffed dog Jake, Libby was curled up on the love seat next to me, my kimono was more than 3/4 done & I was having a lovely afternoon.

We took Libby out to play & then to see the ducks. Home for dinner (jambalaya) & then snuggles, reading & chit chat courtesy of the wee one. I am SO AMAZED by her vocabulary! Tonight she had her Baby Einstein flash cards (the travelling discovery cards) & was going thru them "Apple, bird, cat (meow meow)" She made it thru part of the alphabet & then started finding the number section so she could find the dogs for #4! She'd point to them & count "one, twwwwo, feeeee, fooooouu"

*sigh* what a great day!

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trek said...

THanks for coming by the blog. BTW, TDY sucks.