Thursday, January 18, 2007

Head meets tennis court

Sunday (just hours after DH left for a month in CA), the wee one took a header on the tennis court while we were out playing ball w/ Libby.
After seeing blood on her hand (and the fact that she was crying & touching her head) I picked her up, put the leash on Libby & ran the 200 yds to our house.
Let me tell you, an additional 35 lbs on your right hip while running is tricky!
Poor thing's face was covered in blood as was her shirt (it has since been thrown out rather than try to get it clean). I got her face cleaned up while she cleaned her hands w/ a baby wipe. The cut was small but in her eyebrow & looked deep enough to warrant a visit to the ER.

We were only there for 2 hours which is a record! They put in 5 stitches & sent us home.
Now her eyelid is a lovely shade of purple & yellow & stitches will come out tomorrow. Everyone's reassured me that she won't have much of a scar if even at all. I'm hoping her eyebrow hair grows in okay! Poor little peanut!

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Lacey said...

No worries for the poor wee one. My bf was bitten in the face and well head I guess, as a child, older than your wee one is now. He has only one leetle dent on his cheek from a puncture wound. Otherwise, he's good. So I wouldn't think a piddly 5 stitches would do too much for her eyebrow, but OW for her. She looks like a trooper in the pic. :D