Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Okay so it's 15 hours early but the sentiment is still there!

We had a wonderful Christmas. It's amazing how your mood changes when your husband is home with you & not off in a combat zone!

We opened stockings on Christmas eve after the wee one went to bed & then did presents on Christmas morning. Santa was very good to me!!

MIL & FIL arrived around dinnertime on the 26th for a few days visit. We had a great time with them & MIL & I did some power shopping on the 27th & 28th. I got some great deals @ Bath & Body Works for next Christmas' gifts as well as dishcloth exchanges (soaps etc).

We drove to Opelika to Darlene's Knit Shop (our oasis in the desert of box craft stores that is Columbus) for yarn for her scarf & yarn for me to make Kelli & Dave's baby presents. They left on Friday for ATL to spend the weekend w/ MIL's sister & will drive back to VA today.

We're staying in tonight as we always do on New Year's Eve. The thought of being on the road with every drunk in town doesn't appeal to me. Combine that with the inflated price of drinks & cover charge & I'm all about staying in!

We started a tradition the 1st yr we were married of fixing a late supper (930/10pm) & using the good china & getting a little dressed up. It's worked well & something we enjoy. Tonight's menu is london broil, garlic mashed potatoes & broccoli w/ hollendaise. We'll open a bottle of champagne at midnight for our toast.

Hunter goes back to work on the 3rd & the wee one starts back at school on that date so I'll have my mornings free again. I have so many errands to run that day it's insane. I also need to schedule my spa day (Christmas present from Hunter----facial, full body massage, body wrap, mani/pedi & hair cut/style) or at least get in for a hair cut. I'm trying to find a new style. I've had it like this for too long & want to go a little shorter (just above my shoulders). I'd love to get a thermal straightening process done but am going to wait on that. I have a couple friends who've had it done with much success but I'm apprehensive.

I have 2 knitting projects on the needles & a 3rd in the wings. Two friends are paying me to make hats for them (one felted & the other not) & since I took a little hiatus from knitting this month I need to get going on them. The other project is a baby kimono for Kelli & Dave's baby due in May. With all the pregnant women I know I need to get going otherwise I wont have anything done by the time the showers come along!

Last yr I counted all the projects I'd knitted in '05. It was pretty cool to see. Here's the list for '06:

54 washcloths/spa cloths
9 felted bags
9 baby blankets
8 prs of socks
8 baby bibs
5 scarves

2 felted boxes
2 baby kimonos
1 shawl
1 felted bowl
1 toddler sweater
1 pr baby pants

I can't help but think I'm missing some things. I scoured my knitting journal (Char Loving's book--it's awesome!), my uploaded photos & blog. But something's nagging at me that I've forgotten. Oh well.

I want to wish everyone a safe, happy & healthy New Year! May all of your dreams come true in '07!!

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Anonymous said...

HI! I just found you and wow, we have alot in common...I'm at Ft Stewart right now, and my hubby is leaving soon for deployment :( I'm a knitter/crocheter and a SAHM too :) Nice to meet ya ;)