Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Every Christmas stocking needs. . .

this book. Bitter Is The New Black by Jennifer Lancaster.
You'll find it in the biography section of your local bookstore & if they don't have it ORDER IT. It is one of the snarkiest, well written books I've read in a long time. You can thank me later (preferably with yarn. Lorna's Laces will work just fine).

Still no knitting here. I have 2 hats that I'm being paid to make but I just cannot pick up the needles. Maybe after Christmas.

Today the wee one & I stayed in. I made my Mom's old fashioned sour cream cookies (YUM) & am contemplating some pumpkin bread. The cookies are a family tradition---we had them every year at Christmas. The only difference is I didn't frost mine & made them round as my cookie cutters were being used by a certain someone who was playing with play-doh!

The ILS will be here in a week. Hunter has successfully changed his leave dates so we can both entertain them. I have no clue what we're doing other than dinner @ Chef Lee's one night (it's nationally ranked in the top 10 of Chinese restaurants so FIL is always asking if we've been).

Off to get the wee one ready for her rest & hopefully Mommy can get a few zzz's in before we take Libby out to play ball.

Have you ordered the book yet? DO IT!


Lacey said...

I was in your area the other day, Saturday I think, and I wanted Chef Lee's. I was vetoed. I cried. My cousin, who was paying, said we couldn't go there. We ate at Country's instead. Gotta love their 'naner puddin'. Enjoy the ILS, if that is even possible. :D And you make sure to eat some yummy fried rice for me...and maybe some steak and chicken and shrimp. That's what I *think* I used to get when the parents would spring for it....waaaaaaaay back like almost 10 yrs ago now. Wow. Ten years. I'm old. :P

LeslieJ said...

Hi Laurie.
Just wanted you to know that I am one step closer to the socks...finished a tote bag I've been working on since Nov 8...uuggh. Just have to finish the mitts (3/4 done) and on to the socks.
Leslie J aka hockeymom_lj