Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day

Hunter's in the field right now doing live fire exercises & won't be home until Monday at the earliest . Isn't it ironic that Hammer/Marne focus are always scheduled during the week of Veteran's Day? Lovely way to honor those who've served their country in combat (2x in Iraq & going back for a 3rd in '07!).

We have a card & special dinner planned for him when he gets home! We're remembering his friends who didn't come home from Iraq & keeping them & their families in our prayers. Jason, Jens (who was killed en route to Jason's memorial service) Michael, Lee, Jeffrey, Joel, & Ricky to name a few. His friend Cropp who survived an IED blast in 2/05 only to be murdered a few months after he got back in '06 I still have his picture on my cell phone from the night we went out in Feb (before he vanished) for his birthday. I miss him & his sense of humor a lot!

And especially Kelley Prewitt who died in his arms exactly a year prior to the date the wiggly one was born.

I've gotten a good bit done today---sheets & towels washed, bed changed, groceries, trash taken out, made my meat stuffing for Monday's Recipe Club meeting & got a shower in there as well. The wiggly one is napping & I'm watching "Patton" I love this movie. It ranks up there with Sgt York, Platoon, & Apocalypse Now as my favorite war movies.

My 2 favorite lines:

"Thirty years from now, when you're sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you, "What did you do in the great World War II," you won't have to say, "Well... I shoveled shit in Louisiana."


"Your name's not William, it's Willie!"

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babette said...

Please give your DH a ((hug)) from this stranger, and tell him I said THANK YOU for all he has done.