Sunday, November 12, 2006

Scarf week results

I was able to get 3 scarves done during "scarf week" I had a 4th on the needles but wasn't feeling it so a-frogging I went!

The brown/purple/cream scarf will be for one of Betsy's teacher (Sandi most likely) & the other 2 are for 2 of the girls on the MOMS Exec. Board.

I was able to get 3 dishcloths & 2 dish scrubbies done as well.

I need to start Hunter's slippers. I had hoped to get them done last week while he was in the field but no such luck-----between the wiggly's trip to the ER & my not feeling 100% some things feel by the wayside. Today I want to get one more scrubby & another Mason Dixon washcloth (the round one) done.

This week we have our MOMS Recipe Club get together, school for the wiggly giggly one, a Battalion Family Fun Day & the God Bless Ft Benning celebration on Saturday. The sentiment should be interesting as one of the organizers (Eve Tidwell) met with Cindy Sheehan this past year.

This coming weekend is also the annual WHINSEC protest. I'm all about people expressing their view but when they inconvenience people (forcing Ft Benning to shut down the Main Gate) they've gone too far. I'm also in amazement of the trash/debris they leave behind when they leave. Pick up after yourself people!!

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Leslie said...

I'm not familiar with WHINSEC. What is it?