Monday, November 06, 2006

ER visits are just no fun!

Last night the wiggly one woke up at 10 coughing & as we discovered when the coughing didn't stop, vomiting. Poor little thing was covered. So we get her & her bed cleaned up & after some snuggles, back to bed.

About 10 minutes goes by & we have a repeat performance. Hunter decides we need to go to the ER. By thhe time we got there she'd vomited 3 more times iin the car & then 2x in the waiting room.

They drew blood, took a urine sample by foley catheter (my poor girl!) & started an IV for fluids. She finally conked back out in the exam room at around 230. The only thing they could do was push fluids & try to keep her comfortable.

At 430 they released her & told us if she continues to vomit we need to bring her back in so she can be admitted. I almost burst into tears when the dr said he'd admit her. I know that they can care for her better than we can in a situation such as that but the thought of my bebe in the hospital was very unsettling to say the least.

Poor thing fell asleep on the floor as I was going to get her pedialyte & slept from 5 until 930 & we snuggled on the couch watching a movie.

Mommy finally got the bright idea of moving into Mommy & Daddy's bed to finish watching the movie. Our viewing list for the day was: Babar, Alice in Wonderland, Lady & the Tramp & Snow White.

The good news is she took a 2 hr nap from 2-4 & has kept down some cheerios & a couple sips of 7up & a juice box. She will NOT drink the pedilyte. Hunter tasted it & said it's pretty nasty. She didn't want anything for supper but had a few sips from a 2nd juice box & found the energy to chase Libby down the hall a few times as well as play with her baby doll Maggie & put on her Cinderella dress up shoes. She had a good time in the bathtub & got some nice snuggles from Daddy before going down at 815. Wish us luck tomorrow at our followup visit!


Leslie said...

Hope your little one is feeling better...Did your little one's illness cut into your scarf week?

Kristyn said...

Sending hugs and good vibes to you and the little one. I hope this was a weird 24 hour thing!

Leslie said...

Hope the wiggly one is better. It is frightening when little ones are so sick.