Thursday, November 09, 2006

Update & a swap

Well, the wiggly one is definitely on the mend. Her tummy's still not 100% (not as big of an appetite as she normally has) but she hasn't gotten sick since Mon in the ER & she's been her normal wiggly giggly self.

Mommy & Daddy are another story! We're both feeling icky. Hunter is to the point where he may be sent in from their field problem to get some rest. I'll know later on if he's coming in today or not.

This is the package I sent to my Yahoo dishcloth group swap partner Sheri in CA. Her favorite colors are purple & green so I made the Mason Dixon Washcloth in s & c's twilight ombre & a dish scrubby in plain green to coordinate. I also sent her some purple beaded stitch markers that I made especially for her, some row counters, lavender bath confetti & the swap journal as well as "herald" the knitting fairy bear! Herald was very good to me during the time she was here & I hope she helps Sheri as well!


Laurie said...

Hello from another Laurie! I just found your blog from Knitter's Review. I love your dishcloths and would like to make some as soon as "finish this next row!" Honestly, I have several projects to finish. . .nice to meet you!

Lacey said...

Could you tell me, please how in the WORLD you make stitch markers? And by the way...where do you get good yarn in Columbus? I was there Saturday to go to the one yarn shop I could find, and it had closed, out of business!! So I went to AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. Que Sera!
Thanks for the comments, I squeed loudly, I never get comments!

YES, the aquarium was totally worth the ride (TOTAL knitting time) and the belugas were so cool. We just stood there. We didn't speak, hardly breathed, just watched them. I need an otter...totally need an otter. I thought they might miss Gracie if I swooped in and took her home with us. She was floating around on her back with her paw in her mouth. AWW. Feel better and way to go on ALL those scarfs.