Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday

. . .somehow it just doesn't have the same ring as Monday, monday. . .

Relay for Life was held on Friday night & was incredibly moving in so many ways. Two of the Moms who walked with us (Beth & Sandi) are cancer survivors. Beth took her new son Jacob (5 mos old on Friday) to walk during the Survivors Lap. It was very humbling to see all the people who have survived. The hardest for me was to see the children. So many little ones walking as survivors. While part of me thought "yay for making it" I have to admit I was MAD. WHY would those poor little innocent things be forced to deal with so much in their little lives? WHY? It made me ashamed that I've been complaining about Bets being fussy w/ her 2 yr molars & w/ this whole "terrible 2's" thing. She's healthy damn it. Those kids walking are lucky to be alive & here I am whining that my daughter's being a pill.

As a team we nearly doubled our goal which is awesome. One of my goals for next year as President is to have a kick ass RFL team & to beat this year's $$$ raised. I am proud of our accomplishments this year & know next year we can do even more!

Had a wonderful Mother's Day (thanks to my sweetie!). He did EVERYTHING all day long---got up w/ the Wiggly one, made her breakfast, took her grocery shopping so I could rest, lunch, rest time, took her to the park so I could sit & watch Absolutely Fabulous (one of my all time faves!) on BBC America while I finished the bag for MIL's b-day. Fixed a yummy supper & gave me 3 cards---one from him, one from Bets & one from Libby LOL.

I also have $$$ towards a facial, mani & pedi--woo hoo!

Ran errands & cleaned today. I was in line returning something @ Walmart when this man turned around & smiled at me. I smiled back & he turned back around---did a double take & whipped around to tell me that I look exactly like a girl at his church but she doesn't have a child (I had Bets in the stroller). I chuckled & said "they say we all have a twin somewhere". He then told me that he knew I couldn't be her since she didn't have children. And then goes on to say she's 27 & how old was I? I swear, I almost smooched this guy but I make it a rule to not kiss strange men in Walmart. Especially in GA.

We have MOMS Night Out later this week---sushi--yum! Wine--yum!! We have a new member joining us from LA who will be there so I'm looking forward to meeting her. She was on the executive board w/ her old club as well as Sunshine Mom so she may get tapped by me in the fall to be our Sunshine Mom.

I'm off to see if Bets is still napping & take Libby out to play. . .

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