Monday, May 22, 2006

Beading bug hits!

I have no clue what put this thought in my head but yesterday I was COMPELLED to go get some beading accessories to make stitch markers. So the wiggly one & I went to AC Moore & scoured the beading aisles. Found some pretty beads & came home & got to work.

Fast forward to today after mallwalk----went to Walmart to get round needlenose pliers & then Hobby Lobby for more beads/ accessories.

The total stands at 2 sets (6 ea) of beaded stitch markers, 6 prs of earrings & I'm going to get more levered backs for earrings tomorrow!

The blue earrings are for the gals who were on the Executive Board w/me this past year.

These are the pink stitch markers I made for MIL for her b-day The blue markers (yes, they are identical to the earrings) I haven't decided what to do with yet. I may keep them for myself or save them for the next knitting exchange I have.

My exchange bag is coming along nicely--I've decided I will make one for myself this fall in cream & brown. Will post pics of that soon!


Renée said...

Great looking stitch markers! I've been wanting to make some for myself and have started gathering the supplies. Can I ask what you used for the rings? Are they closed rings and do they come in different sizes for various sized knitting needles?

~ a new visitor

lauriec said...

Hi Renee!

Thank you! These are my first attempt & I'm actually happy w/ the way they came out!

I used jump rings--they're closed w/ a small slit between the 2 ends. They'll fit up to a size 11 (US) needle.

I haven't tried looking for larger rings but I'm sure they exist--or you could make them yourself from head pins.

Jen said...

Your markers are great! I use those jump rings alone as markers because I have been too lazy to add anything pretty to mine :)