Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back to the grind. . .

Well the weekend's over & I'm thankful---both Hunter & I were sick w/ a cold all weekend & felt ooky. The good part of it is we laid low & I got some good knitting time in.

I finished the first of his socks (about to CO the mate tonight during Big Love, if we're still up), got Kris' bag knitted & felted & got a baby washcloth (turtle pattern) done for Leslie's baby shower in a couple weeks.

This week I need to get my bag CO for my Tote Exchange. The yarn is here, the pattern is printed & I'm ready to go. Got the Sus seal of approval on it last week & am hoping my Exchange buddy likes it!

Here are the pics of the sock & bag (prefelting. It was 17" wide by 37" long)

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