Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Monday

My Easy Mitten! For me. Two years ago I got a great deal on Noro Kochoran on Little Knits & made a "potato chip scarf" that I love. Periodically I'd take out the leftover skein, lovingly pet it & wonder what would I do with it. After making the fingerless mitts for my BIL & realizing that while I'd never wear mitts, the idea to make mittens was born!

The Wee One was home from school today feeling icky. Low-grade fever, not a big appetite & happy to stay in Mommy's bed watching movies for most of the day. She conked out on the couch at 6 & is in her bed. I'm hoping she sleeps thru the night & gets whatever is ailing her out of her system.

I'm starting to look at kindergartens for her for the fall. 1) HOW is it possible that she is old enough & 2) why is this such a crazy process? What am I going to be like when she's looking at colleges? It's KINDERGARTEN for pete's sake! Part of my problem is that I've heard not-so-great things about the public school that is closest to us. The principal is never available to parents, the PTA is all about fund-raising rather than establishing parent-teacher relations & getting parents involved in the school & that bullying is a problem. If only the school she's at now would offer Kindergarten. It would be a no brainer.

We had a great time in VT with my family for Christmas---both of my brothers were there which was great. The Wee One adores her uncles, aunt & cousins & was an absolute joy. The only sad point is my Dad's health is really bad. He had a quintuple bypass in 2000 & really never recovered from it. In 2002 he suffered from a bout of pneumonia that left him on oxygen (as well as suffering from emphesyma) and by this past summer it became clear that he was starting to show signs of dementia. It was hard seeing him in this condition, knowing that he's not going to get better. The Wee One, yet again, was great---she's not phased by his oxygen tube & would run up to him to give hugs & kisses randomly throughout the day. I love this picture of them!

Off to finish the mate to my mitten!


knittingyoyo said...

Love the pix of your Dad and Wee One. My Mom is going through the same type of thing and grand-daughter Jo adores her in the same way. The pix are treasures.

NH Knitting Mama said...

What a beautiful pic of Wee One and Dad. She will treasure that when she is older.

Glad the trip to VT was a good one.

How is Hunter?

Channon said...

Treasure every moment with your father. I lost mine too soon, but I do have a host of great memories and photos!

Love the mitten too.