Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st FO of the year!

My Noro Kochoran Easy Mittens for me! I'm thrilled with how they came out & how well I did with matching the colors!

The Wee One conked out at 6pm last night. We were having dinner in the living room (Daddy wasn't home) & she climbed up next to me on the couch. Things got quiet, and when I peeked over at her, saw she was sound asleep. Even Libby barking at our neighbor didn't wake her up. Around 630 I carried her into her room & an hour later gave her some tylenol. At midnight I gave her motrin & got her into a nightgown. She came in our room to wake me up shortly past 7! Her throat looks a little red (spotty, strep-looking) & she still was a little warm so I called the peds clinic & by some stroke of fate, we have an appointment this afternoon. If it is strep, it's her 3rd bout with it in 6 months (Aug & Sept '08) which isn't great. My brothers & sister all had their tonsils out as kinds, I still have mine (and have had strep as an adult!) so we'll see what the doctor says!


Cathy said...

PRETTY pretty! mittens...and hugs for you and the wee one..get better fast!

bookwyrm said...

They look great! Such pretty (matching!) colors! I hope the wee one is feeling better...was it strep?
Missed you at knitting group. Happy New Year!

Angela said...

I love your mittens! They're so pretty! I hope the wee one feels better soon. I had strep lots of times as a kid...once as an adult last summer...it wasn't fun. ;-)