Thursday, November 06, 2008


Jill is a fellow Army wife & a librarian out in KS. Her eloquent blog post sums up everything I've been feeling, especially the "proud to be American" paragraph. I'm guessing the people who don't have pride in their country don't tear up when their 4 year old says the Pledge of Allegiance, don't get butterflies in their stomach when they watch (either in person or on a video) soldiers coming home to their families after a long deployment, or appreciate the hardships that those who have come before us (Civil Rights leaders, Women's Rights activists) have had to endure. How could you NOT be proud???

I wasn’t sure that I’d see this in my lifetime. America has elected a black president. While I didn’t vote for Obama because I disagree fundamentally with many of his positions on everything from the Supreme Court to tax cuts, I still can appreciate the fact this is a historic time.

As for me, I’m disappointed with my party and will join others like me in helping to rebuild it. In a few days. Right now, I need a break.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the silence. No more campaign calls and no more political commercials. It’s time for Thanksgiving carols and baking. Maybe even some cooler weather…and snow? Please?

Btw, I’ve always been proud to be an American. This is a country full of good, honest, decent, hard-working people. I’m proud to work and live alongside them. I don’t understand people who can’t see that and aren’t proud of that.

That is all.


Channon said...

Exactly. But I've always been proud, even when I disagree with the administration. Even at our worst, I'm still proud of America.

lauriec said...

Yeah, I've never been able to comprehend the self-hatred so many Americans feel for this country. Maybe it's a little too "our country, right or wrong" for some people, but it's how I feel.

Jill said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm honored that you shared my post. :)

There is so much in this country's history to be proud of. It makes me sad that people can't appreciate that because they miss the point of our heritage. Sure we've done things wrong along the way, but I think on balance, we've done more that's been right.

That's why our men and women in uniform go off to defend freedom (and have for hundreds of years.) That's why I put my hand over my heart and pledge allegiance to this country. That's why veterans stand when a flag goes by in a parade. It's why many Americans continue to strive to make this a better country for everyone (even the haters.)

It's fortunate that are still many across this country who believe in her and will work to keep her strong.

(I get a bit emotional about this!)

And it is OUR country, no matter what. If you're not proud, what have you done to change things?

Cathy said... both of you.

While I've been traveling all around the country during the whole 2 year ordeal, I'm half tempted to wonder why so many people would still try to sneak into and die to get into this country if they had seen even a portion of the commercials. I hate that this wonderful opportunity to have a 'free election' turns sooooooooooooo mean spirited all over the place. It's sickening to see how mean and downright nasty it turns - not only party against party..but makes you wonder if their canidate can't win without the nasty, then there's not much good in them? I don't know. The older I get...the less 'tolerance' I have for the poor behavior.

I, too, understand the historical significance of this turnout. It's my prayer, that this country reminds itself, that together we can do (and have done) wonderful things. But the division will be the end of all those aspects that have so many from so many other places trying to come over here for that same chance. And that just because I didn't vote for a particular person, they still have to remember their responsiblity to represent all of us..united in one country.

After the last election, I have my doubts that the great divisions between friends, etc...can be healed. But I'm willing to hope for that to happen.

bookwyrm said...

Hear, hear!