Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can't knit without yarn

Did you know this? I was looking at patterns on Ravelry yesterday & found a great *super secret project that will be a present* pattern. No problem with one of the yarns for the *super secret part of the project*---I have that & started that part of the project. But the yarn for the rest of the project? Yeah, I don't have it. Never mind the fact that I saw it at JoAnn's earlier in the day & thought, "Oh, I'll wait & see what I have at home"


So after I drop the Wee One off at school I shall make a trip to Michael's or JoAnn's for said yarn for said "duper secret project that will be a present*

Misty Garden is finished & being blocked. Photos to follow!


Channon said...

And non-knitters wonder why we need stashes...

lauriec said...

What disappointed me was that I didn't have the "right" color in my stash!