Saturday, April 12, 2008

You what burns me?

I was reading a message board today & this one mother is ALWAYS complaining about her kids. We rarely get a good news update, they're always horrible. Whiney. Brats. Even worse names sometimes.

So, in the name of being whiney myself, here's my list of things that bug me:

1) mothers who never comment on the good where their children are concerned. They can't be that bad all the time & if they are, perhaps you are the one in need of help w/ your parenting skills.

2) bad book endings. I listened to Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner in the car on my trip. I like a little chick lit every now & again but this was just bad. It seemed like the ending was thrown together in order to make a deadline. Or perhaps she just got bored writing the book. I've read several other of her books & this one wasn't one of the best.

3) People who don't use their turn signals. Let me say that I am a Boston driver through & through. I have a leadfoot (it's gotten better) & have been known to tailgate slow drivers in the left lane but I ALWAYS use my signals. I am not a mindreader & cannot guess what move you will make next.

4) pet owners who don't control their pets. Specifically dogs. My child (or I) always ask if we can pet your dog, if you say no that's fine. We understand not all dogs like people other than their own people. But letting your dog run wild & jump all over my dog & child? Not cute. It's called a leash---buy one.

5) The makers of pedialyte need to taste test that crap. Blech.

6) that I didn't think to see if the Red Sox/(sk)Yankees game was on national tv today. Grrrrr.


Kristyn said...

I agree with 100% on the no leash issue. That is one of the major factors why we are moving from our apartment complex to one where we will have our own enterance. I am so SICK of people letting their dogs run through the halls without a leash. There are 3 different people in 3 different units that do the same thing. If one of them would slobber or jump on my baby it would be the last thing they did!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I agree with every single issue you list here. The game was on Fox... (sorry)... and the Sox won...

jopal said...

Go Sox! I missed Sat game - had to work but did get home in time to see A ROD strike out Sun night -YEAH!!
Am going this Sat and Sun to see the games - can't wait!
Agree with your peeves - esp dogs not on leashes.
We have a lazy neighbor who stands on his porch reading his paper while his dog runs across the round to poop and never picks up after him! GRRRR

Dorothy said...

Pedialyte - for real - the crappiest tasting drink on the planet!

I can't remember how Goodnight Nobody ends. Jennifer Weiner though - she's good. Little Earthquakes and Good in Bed are my favorites.

Glad you had a nice trip!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I hate mothers who complain only about their kids too. It's like Geez! Why'd they become mothers?

I hate bad book endings too. I heart all chick lit tho! I haven't read that one you mentioned, though, now I dont want to if it has a bad ending, LOL. I like that author though.