Saturday, April 12, 2008

We are home again!

Here is the Wee One on her birthday wearing her "booo-tiful earrings & necklace" I love this pic!

I do not love the feeling when you get home from a trip only to realize that you didn't throw away the produce in your fridge & the green grapes stink & the feeling that your body is still in a vehicle travelling 75mph on the highway. The speed limit said 75. Don't judge!

We had a nice time in VA---MIL was sick w/ a tummy bug a few hours after we got there. Yikes! She, SIL & I were supposed to get up at o'dark thirty to go to a shoe sale for charity at the armory in downtown Lynchburg. Well, SIL decided Friday night that she wouldn't go, MIL was sick so off I went by myself. Total bust. Everyone is a size 9 & I couldn't get to one side of a table b/c there were that many women there. Plus, at the risk of sounding snobby, I didn't like any of the brands I saw. Oh well. I parked 4 blocks away in the beautiful historic district. Incredible turn of the century homes. Being the history dork I am, I try to imagine what they were like in their hey day. Picturing children playing in the yard while their genteel mothers sat sipping lemonade & doing their needlework.

Sunday was the Wee One's birthday---see previous post.

Monday & Tuesday were shopping, lunch w/ Grandma, relaxing etc. The Wee One got a haircut that I'm on the fence about. We're trying to grow out bangs but now they're angled & I'm unsure about it. I'll survive.

We visited Backstitches & Yarn Theory. YT has moved to a new building ----a beautiful old Victorian house! The woodwork in this house is so pretty. I picked up 2 skeins of Louet Gems in a pretty brown to make socks for Hunter as well as 2 skeins of Koigu to make my other skeins happy. You know how it is when you walk by the Koigu display---the yarn cries out to you. CRIES! Take me home!!!!!!!! It's scary the first time it happens.

Wednesday we took a road trip to Richmond to see Hunter's aunt on his Dad's side. Again, gorgeous house! She's redone her kitchen since the last time we were there & let me say the drool factor is high! We had a yummy lunch at her house then went to Short Pump Town Center ( in my top 5 of malls) to do a little shopping. MIL hit up Chicos & I visited the mothership---Nordstroms. The Wee One was too cute w/ the piano player----told him "thank you" when he was done playing & did a curtsey. I picked up some stuff at Philsophy & then we headed home. We met Pappa for dinner & much beef yumminess was enjoyed.

Thursday the Wee One was sick w/ the bug Grandma had. I hate the feeling of powerlessness I feel when she is sick. There is nothing you can do other than try to make them comfortable. You cant fix it, you cant make things better. All you can do is sit & wait it out. And let me tell you, trying to explain to a 4 yr old that they can't drink milk b/c it will make their stomach feel worse is like trying to tell the wind to stop blowing. She was on the mend by the time she went to bed Thurs. pm & by Friday am she was pretty much back to normal. Her appetite is still not at 100% but at least she's back to herself.

Friday we made it home in 9 hrs & are taking it easy today. I listened to a few podcasts on the way home (Stuck in the 80's & It's a Purl, man). Highly recommend both!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Glad you had a productive trip. Sorry Wee One was sick, but glad she is better now.

Hunter comes home soon, yes?

lauriec said...

Yes! I know roughly when he'll be home ---emphasis on "roughly" Like what week!

LeslieJ said...

howdy!! thanks for the tip on "stuck in the 80's", great listening while doing the ever-so-boring k1p1 ribbing on the socks!!

try "betty in the sky with a suitcase", funny airline stories

glad you're back!!

jopal said...

Glad your back. Sounds like a busy vacation!
Hope the wee one is feeling better.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

What a cutie in her jewelry!