Saturday, July 07, 2007

Spring Felted Bag Exchange is o-vah!

So today my mailman Bill knocked on my door & had this yoooooooooooooge box in his hands. It was from LadyWy (Joanne) in Iowa.

This is my bag! How gorgeous is this??
She designed it herself & it's a great sized tote.

Libby was very interested in the big stuffed dog. He's holding a fleece blanket. He is yet to be named but so far he's been very cuddly!

Then the wee one woke up from her nap & discovered HER bag! Yes, Joanne made a bag for the wee one as well----hers is lilac w/ a beautiful pink butterfly (again her own design)

She also sent some color wonder markers----I keep forgetting to add the person who created them to my Christmas card list. They are fun for kids & no clean up for parents!

The neatest surprise was this giant yarn ball w/ the note saying that I would have to unravel the ball to find all the goodies!

A yummy sachet, beautiful stitch markers, beads (which I will be keeping for ME ME ME!), point protectors in the shape of socks---Red socks to boot! & a CD w/ "patterns galore" And of course, the ball o'yarn which will make a pretty blanket for BIL & SIL's bebe due this winter.

Thank you so much Joanne for the wonderful emails, e cards, numerous goody packages! If any of you do a bag swap & are fortunate enough to have her as your partner you'll be in heaven!


Lady Wyvern said...

oh Im glad you had fun with the ball and I am really glad the wee one liked her bag and the dog ( I couldnt resist the dog, he was too cute )

vegasangelbrat said...

Beautiful bags and WOW factor for package..I'm glad you were so spoiled Laurie, you desereve it :)
Lots of goodness for sure there and the wee one looks so Hope you both enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Anne said...

Oh what a nice package :) I'm glad you got spoiled so nicely - and the bags are just gorgeous! Your little one's adorable anyway - add in her grinning like that and the pictures are perfect =)