Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'd like to thank the Academy & Mary. . .

For nominating me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! I am honored & in the immortal words of Sally Field "You like me, you really really like me" LOL
I'm nominating LeslieJ, Lacey, Kristyn & Jane as Rockin' Girl Bloggers!!!
Speaking of Rockin', have you seen Rock of Love on VH-1? I admit to watching some of the shows on VH-1--how can you not? They're trashy, require little to no thought & you can knit while the train wreck is unfolding before your very eyes!
Rock of Love puts an 80's hair band spin on Flavor of Love (rapper FLava Flav). Bret Michaels (front man for Poison) wants a woman. And he wants one who will be around for the long haul (suuuuuuuure he does) so he & VH-1 have conconcted this show where 20 something women (notice I didn't say ladies?!) are all competing to be his main squeeze. The first episode was last Sunday & was a glitzy version of Jerry Springer (not that I watch Jerry--I do have SOME standards!). The combined IQ of these girls is in the double digits & I think that Clairol must be a financial backer as I have never seen so many bleached heads in one show! Let's not even comment on the implants! I'm not saying that if you color your hair & have implants you're a bad person. I'm just saying if you color your hair, have implants & are on this show then you're, well, lets not go there!
When they showed the previews for the next few shows I found myself wondering if there was enough penicillin to go around.
On a not-so-related note the wee one's potty training is going well (afraid to jinx it!). Today we're going for a big girl hair cut & for a treat for achieving a potty training goal! I had wanted to start earlier but with out big trip last month thought better of it!
Anyone reading Harry Potter? I admit to never having read any of the books except for on CD in the car. Hunter & I started 4 yrs ago on a trip to VA with book 2 & at one stop didn't want to get out of the car b/c the story was getting good! LOL I'm anxious to see how it all ends. We're going to see the Order of the Phoenix when he's home for R & R.


vegasangelbrat said...

Yes, yes, I like you! lol
With wee ones hair cut I guess we will see a new pic soon? WTG Bet's..she's a Big girl now!

Cathy said...

How's this for slacking..I own all the books, and have only read a couple of pages when I was subbing when the first book came out, 4th graders loved the book. Since then, I have bought them for my classroom (which means they all live in my garage these days) but have yet to actually read them. And yes, I picked up the last book yesterday, just so I'd have a whole set. First edition, no less.

PS. guess where I was last week? Would the name Purple Shammork ring a bell?

lauriec said...

Next time go to the Black Rose!! I was never a PS. fan.

Mary--she is SUCH a big girl now---how I have no idea!

Jane said...

Thanks for the Rockin' Girl Blogger nomination! You are on my list too. Good luck with the potty training - bribery does work wonders.