Friday, July 20, 2007

Lazy hazy (not really) days of summer

They're upon us & we're enjoying them. The wee one woke up Monday night (Tues. am) crying which she never does. She came into my room just past midnight & got in bed with me but wouldn't settle down to sleep so we went back to her bed. She finally fell back to sleep & I went to bed. About an hour & a half later she woke up crying again. I brought her into my room & around 3 we fell back to sleep until 9 when Hunter called & woke us up. I cant believe she slept so late! Off to the dr's to discover she did have an ear infection. A zpack later we were on our way.

My ITE IV bag is en route to its new owner. I really hope she likes it!

I'm having a CT scan in a week for a swollen optic nerve. Yes I've googled it. Yes, I know what it could be a symptom of. Yes, I had a couple days were I freaked. I am hoping that the results are something else.

We've been swimming a couple times this week & both times I've had to practically pull her out of the pool! Gah!

Today Libby is at the groomer, we returned library books, went to the PO & picked up some groceries. I've got a load of laundry going & some towels to put away (pool towels from yesterday).

We're gearing up for R & R & are trying to decide where to stay when we go on our long weekend trip. We've found a nice little house to rent but there's also an option of a cute condo. Both are pet friendly which is great & both are spitting distance from the beach. I guess we'll see which is available once he's out of Iraq & getting his itinerary in Kuwait!

The wee one's school list came & has been filled. We decided not to pull her from school while Hunter is home. It's going to keep some continuity in her life (what little we can give her with this deployment!) & give us some alone time. I'm looking forward to breakfast with my husband!

I'm working on a baby bib for a woman in our FRG, okay 2! Another girl is crocheting a baby blanket so I'll go for small things. My knitting ADD is back & I'm easily distracted. I'm blaming Hunter for being on the overnight shift & being online in the evening so I can talk go him!

Hope everyone has a safe & fun weekend!

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